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Great Details for the Proper Playing of the Online Horse Races

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Online horse racing breaks down into three specialties: flat racing, obstacle racing (where hurdles or bigger obstacles hinder the road to the finish post) and trotting (harnessing) where the person responsible for leading the horse, called driver, is placed behind the horse sitting on a sulky or mounted : where this person, then called jockey, takes place on the horse’s back).

The trot is a natural look of the horse that is different from that of the gallop, so it is obvious that it will be necessary to differentiate these categories. For the Run 3 unblocked this is the best deal now.

The different types of bets: from simple to fifth

These acquired considerations; we must be interested in the very foundations of the structure, that is to say, the online game itself. Plethora of games is offered by different operators (of which you can find an evaluation in our Turf Comparison) and only a concrete test can allow the neophyte to find his way. That said, to get better acquainted with the races, it will be appropriate to choose the simple online game that is to say simply to privilege the online game on a single horse.

Favorites and Outsiders: analyze ratings

The bettor must, to know if a horse is considered rather like a favorite or rather like an outsider, to rely on the odds. This index, updated in real time before the race, fluctuates before the start according to the mass of money played as a single winner on the horse.

Evolve towards other types of bets

Once assimilated this game, the neophyte may attach are coupled (find two horses in the top 3), the 2/4 (found on some races 2 horses in the top 4) or even multi 4, 5, 6 or 7 (find the first 4 horses without order with the least possible horses 4, 5, 6 or 7 horses). Of course the palette is huge and also contains all the games more remunerative but where the notion of order appears.

PMU Prognosis – The Basics

Thus equipped and the foundations well seated, it is necessary to find a system of cover in order not to take the water. To analyze a race properly is to first look at the horse’s performance, also called the music. Listed most often after the competitor’s name, she describes her latest performance and is a good indicator of her recent form.

Finally, you should never lose sight of the fact that the races are pari-mutuel , which clearly means that the losers pay the winners and that you play constantly against the other bettors. In order to help you at first, Experts provide a daily prognosis on the most important race of the day, at least generating the most important issues and which also elicit the most analyzes.