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The company Game Consulting , specializing in the analysis of the gaming and entertainment industry, at the end of 2018 conducted research aimed at finding the most attractive for investing developing online gaming projects . The goal of the customer’s research was to find undervalued browser and client virtual worlds that will become the leaders of the entertainment Internet in the near future.

The Ratings

We offer our readers the rating of the most promising online games in 2019, which should start playing now, built on the results of the work carried out by the agency. Our list did not include already promoted online-projects, the owners of which no longer care much about the comfort of their users and the balance between price and quality of services provided. Now that the Basketball Legends unblocked 66 is there, you can enjoy a lot.

Gambling is a dependence on various computer games, including slot machines. The person ceases to control himself and becomes completely obsessed with this type of entertainment. His head is filled only with how to get to the cherished computer again and start playing. Unfortunately, such a relationship has long passed all boundaries, and a new disease has emerged in medicine, which needs to be fought with no less effort, like, for example, drug addiction, alcoholism and other forms of dependence.

Appearance of the disease

This type of dependence appeared relatively recently. This is due to the fact that modern technologies have gone far into the future and computers have become available to everyone. And, respectively, and entertainment, such as various online games. But it should be noted that gambling still appeared long before the advent of computers. People were always excited and loved to play a game of slot machines for money with their friends. Most likely, the birth of this disease started from that moment, because, you see, when you start playing a volcano , for example, it is very difficult to stop, because a person always wants to be the best and the first, and consequently, to defeat the car.


In our country there is a very serious struggle with addiction. For example, the law has banned the gaming business throughout the territory of our country. Now, various institutions such as casinos and halls with slot machines are banned.

  • Fighting addiction to computer games is the business of every person. The government cannot ban this type of activity, so today you can find any online games and casinos on the network, and you can play here for free.
  • Live video games appeared in online casinos to attract customers who do not want to play with a soulless computer or doubt the “honesty” of a random number generator. Their main advantage is the ability to cause almost the same emotions in the players, as if they were sitting at the table of a real institution. Players see the dealer and can communicate with him. They also see everything that happens at the gaming table and the atmosphere in the room, thus creating a sense of presence. In this case, the gambler can sit at home in your favorite chair, sunbathe on the beach or dine in a restaurant.

This implies the second advantage remote access to the game. This is especially important for gambling residents of those countries where casinos are banned or located in remote places.